Covid Births a Sexual Renaissance

I’ve always loved this painting. Like Venus relaxing here, I’m also expanding, stretching myself out on the waves of the ocean. I am feeling very blessed right now. There are angels hovering around me. Some are whispering in my ear.

I chose this picture to go with my writing today as it feels as though the waves of the ocean are up underneath me, supporting me too. Yes, beautiful new energy is bubbling up from inside me and my whole being feels good.

My sensual self is awakening. Some days she is soft like water. She sends bubbles of joy to my heart. She delights and enlivens my soul. She wakes me up. She calms me down. She draws me inwards. She surprises me on her waves of wonder. Sometimes her sighs can be heard across the land. Her aliveness nourishes every cell. She may well be the forgotten key to heaven on earth.

In the past I wasn’t listening to her call.

For a long time I did not want to make love, and my whole being felt sad.

Yet my deep mystery …

She was patient.

She never gave up.

And as I listened to her and allowed her to be loved she began to blossom. For a while I turned away from sex. I became a sad flower, a sad pussy. I wanted to scratch the furniture and tear bits of fluff out of everything.

When covid arrived the world stopped. Time is a great blessing to a sweet pussy in lock down. Her true nature emerges when she has time and space for loving. There is a fine art to making love and this temple cat requires much patience. Much gentleness. I’m loving the slow spacious mornings and the long golden afternoons.

I’m enjoying the golden light of sunrise and even though we are moving into Autumn here I’m still cherishing the apricot skies and sunsets on my surfboard out in the deep water on the sea.

Perhaps it’s time for a sensual renaissance for you too?

If it’s been a while since you experienced the depth of your own pleasure …

If you feel stuck in a low grade depression or malaise ….

I know how that can feel.

No matter what your story, I have good news for you.

Your feminine essence is a divine treasure within you. You can still blossom, no matter what you have been through. Your erotic intelligence is still fully intact. She is alive and well. There is a wellspring of vitality within you no matter what your story, age or stage of life. You have a wise and powerful healer within.

Our sensual nature waits patiently for us to come close.

Birth and sexual trauma, pelvic floor damage, prolapse and unexpected outcomes of pregnancy and life itself can profoundly impact your sexual experience. I am here to support you to nurture yourself. If you’ve experienced an intimacy breakdown post birth or a dry spell since menopause I’m here to whisper in your ear.

You are not alone.

Perhaps it’s time to return to the promised land. We will find our way together. Many women turn away from sex and gradually close down their vitality in the process. I know how sad this can feel. We can dissolve the barriers to love’s presence together.

Why am I so passionate about this?

Womb health is connected to mental health. Sensual health can ground and balance a woman’s emotional nature. I offer gentle womb healing to women no matter what your age or story may be.

I love what I do.

If you know that there’s an erotic Venus living within you, perhaps it’s time for a sensual renaissance and rebirth for you too.

An ocean of bliss awaits you.

Roots and Wings

I am feeling incredibly grateful right now. I’ve just been dancing at home, alone, yet also together with a beautiful group of women from the South Island of New Zealand via zoom. Yes, dancing with a class in New Zealand from Australia. It’s quite miraculous what happened in our virtual circle this morning.

It was so good to shake off so much old stuck emotional energy. So good to shimmy my hips and empty my mind. It was pretty awesome to be able to make sounds and cry without worrying about the impact on others too. There are many blessings to this alone time.

I feel freer than ever to express myself.

Today, I could easily move off camera for a bit of a cry or a yell.

All the while I felt deeply held by the dance chief Hester. When she guided us to dance in connection with something from nature I gave my attention to the tall gum tree outside my cabin. I found my feet and I felt something new.

I felt the root system of the tree go deep into the earth.
I felt as though I was dancing inside these roots.

For the first time in many years I felt anchored into the land here.

I felt the tree as my spine, giving me more backbone.

I saw the root system under the tree like a placenta that protects a newborn.

I felt held by the roots.

After the class I went outside and gave thanks for the warm golden sunshine here in Australia today. I gave thanks for the clear blue sky and the abundance of green billowy trees around me. I am changing.

I am letting go of old ways of being.
and …

I am safe.

I am not safe because someone loves me.
I am not safe because I’ve got a job.
I am not safe because I own things.

I am safe because I am home here in this flowing body.
I am connected to the web of life.

I am even connected to you reading this now.

I am more than my old wounds.
I am growing taller.

I can nurture the hurt child within me.
I can feed and love and protect her.

I have two feet that can walk.
I have legs that can dance.

I have hips that hold goodness.
I have lungs that breathe.

I have a heart that loves and breaks and loves.
These soft hips are home.

These feet are moving ground.

This spine is free.

These hands can heal and caress and write.

That class was the most powerful I have experienced in a very long time.
You are a gifted teacher Hester Phillips. Thanks to you I’ve found wings to fly today!

Well done on navigating an excellent class from home with your beautiful smile, your grace and your seamless guidance … all delivered with a deep reverence for each and every one of us.

I’m standing tall like a tree.

I’ve got roots and wings.

Thank you so much to Hester Phillips for a sacred and powerful gathering. Hester usually offers dance classes in Nelson, New Zealand on Sunday mornings. During this strange time of Covid 19 she offers her wonderful classes at 8:45 am Eastern Australia time (10:45 am nz time) on Sunday mornings via Zoom. You can email her at and also find her at