This morning I had a totally sensual experience. As I paddled out on my surfboard I felt called to go deeper. I soon found myself being carried up and down by the rise and fall of huge mountain like waves. I lay quietly on my board, belly down, feeling like a seal inside the tight thick skin of my wet suit.

And then, it happened.

Two dolphins gently emerged up out of the water. Soon after rising, they slowly slid down under the water again.

Just a few days before I had wondered what it would be like to be out on the water with dolphins so close.

My dream came true. It was like they were gently dancing together. Perhaps it was a mother and a baby. Perhaps two adults. I don’t know, but they moved calmly and swam super close to one another.

Like a dolphin I too enjoy to roll off my board and plop into the depths of the sea. I like to see the underwater world. The allure of endless turquoise enchants me.

The sunlight in the depths brings so much joy.

How I love to just fall … forgetting all about surfing and just fall …. fall …. lightly off the board.

Sinking into the arms of the mother.

A vast mother full of mystery and beautiful colors.

Sometimes emerald.

Sometimes light green.

Sometimes deep blue.

The sparkles on the water refresh my soul.

Being close to dolphins.

Naturally, I am happy.

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